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The detachment recognizes John Crisafulli as the Detachment Marine or the Year

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

We have wrapped up meetings for the tine being and hopefully al will have a relaxing and refreshing summer.  Although we are not meeting, there is still a lot of activity.  First and foremost is continued effort for the golf tournament.  This is where we raise most of the funds for the outreach that the detachment carries on.  In boot camp, we all learned that the way to succeed is by working together.  That lesson still holds true.  The more help and participation we can bring to the gold tournament, the higher the likelihood of success will be.  Taking the time to ask a merchant or provider to donate a prize or take out an ad, contributing raffle prizes or taking out  an ad yourself, or being available o the day of the tournament are all ways to help.  We hope that all will give whatever effort they can.  A little is better than nothing.  You will know that you contributed to a student getting a scholarship,  veteran getting needed help, or someone else benefited from your participation.  Think about it and take action.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

At the May meeting the detachment officers were installed by State Commandant Fran Curnow.  With five past commandants on the leadership team, there is a lot of experience and commitment to move the detachment forward.  We look for all members to be as active as possible and to participate in detachment activities.  The support of all will help us to succeed.

In a ceremony at the meeting, John Crisafulli was recognized as the detachment Marine of the Year.  Over the years, John has shown himself to  be committed to the detachment and the Corps.  He is a man who can be counted upon to help when needed. be it the golf tournament, Toys for Tots, or other activities.  We congratulate John on being selected and thank him for all he does.

We will convene again in June and encourage all members to attend to make themselves heard.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

Per the detachment by-laws, a slate of officers was put forth to lead the detachment for the coming year.  We have essentially the same team in place with the addition of the nomination of Jerry Blanchette for Junior Vice Commandant.  The energy of the membership is what will move us forward as a detachment.  We aspire to increase membership and activities.  This is fully dependent on membership pulling together, raising ideas, and helping when ideas are chosen.  If you do not usually attend meetings, maybe you can commit to attending at least one in the future.  If you cannot work at the golf tournament or Toys for Tots, maybe you can donate.  The Marine Corps Birthday will mean more to you if you participate in the detachment celebration- there is a lot of time to plan for it.  Bottom line, we have committed to providing a consistent and visible range of meetings activities.  The measure of success is how much we can count on you to to participate and spread the word to new members.  If we all did a little more, the net effect will be great.

Semper Fi

April Meeting Notes:

The detachment meeting was held as scheduled on 18 April at the Natick AMVETS.  Commandant Hastings brought the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  All officers were present and 11 members in total attended.  A motion was made and accepted to accept as published the minute of the past meeting.

Report of the Paymaster:  

Paymaster Costello reported that the detachment continues to be financially sound.  All accounts are in balance and funds exist to support proposed activities.  Certificates of Deposit have been renewed.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the report of the Paymaster.  This was so voted.

 Nominations of Officers:

Commandant Hastings suspended the normal order of business  to accommodate nomination of officers.  The following nominations were completed:  Commandant; Jim Hastings:  Sr Vice Commandant; Dave Gentes:  Jr. Vice Commandant;  Jerry Blanchette;  Judge Advocate; John McEntegart:  Adjutant: Warren Griffin:  Chaplain; Mike Whalen:  Paymaster;  Bill Costello ( pro tem); Sgt at Arms; David Barth

This slate of officers will be installed in May.

Members Sick or in Distress:

Chaplain Mike Whalen reported that Paul Carew is recuperating from recent surgery.  A card was distributed for signature and mailing.

Committee Reports:

Golf Committee Chair Hastings reinforced that all should begin soliciting ads and arranging raffle prizes.  The committee reviewed and selected a jacket to be given to players.  Plans are in place and the committee continues to meet regularly to work on details.  All member are encourage to be available to work on the day of play.

Rose Committee Lead Warren Griffin noted that roses are available to member who plan to participate in this fundraiser.  The period around Memorial Day is the normal time for this activity.

Detachment Activity:

Commandant Hastings has arranged for a tour of the Newport Naval Station with a focus on Marine Corps activities on based.  Transportation will depart Bellingham at 7AM on 26 April.  Members will share the cost of a rental vehicle and gas.

Wednesday, February 22, 2017


The Metrowest Detachment was well represented at the Iwo Jima Day observation at the State House.  Although it is not publicly noted, our detachment has been a prime mover behind organizing and funding this event.  As we honor the Marines who now battle the ravages of time, we thank them for giving the nation everything they had at a time when they might otherwise have been enjoying their youth.  We encourage the state officials and the citizenry to continue to commemorate  the uncommon valor displayed by these troops.  We are honored to have been in their presence.

February Meeting Notes:

The meeting was convened in the proper format at 7:30 PM on 21 February, as scheduled.  There were 10 members in attendance.  Roll call of officers was conducted, with all officers present and accounted for. 

January Meeting Minutes:

As the January meeting was not conducted due to insufficient attendance, there were no minutes to be read.

Report of the Paymaster:

Paymaster Costello reported on income and expenses and provided a summary of the current detachment financial assets.  The detachment continues to be in position to meet obligations with funds available to deal with requests and/or needs as they arise.  The motion was made and seconded to accept the Paymaster's report.  All present voted in favor.

Members Sick or in Distress:

Chaplain Mike Whalen reported that the detachment had sent condolences and conducted the MCL ritual at the funeral of James Arena, a charter member of the detachment.  No further sickness or distress was reported.

Scholarship Committee:

Warren Griffin reported that scholarship materials were delivered to local schools.  Completed applications are anticipated after the April School break.

Golf Committee:

Planning is underway to prepare for the 2017 golf tournament.  The course has been booked for 21 August.  The first planning meeting is scheduled for 1 March at 7:00 PM at the Natick Community Center.  Paymaster Costello reported on his analysis of the tournament finances.  The ad book is the leading producer of revenue, followed by raffle sales.  Both of these are dependent on active participation by members.  All are encouraged to begin working on ad sales and lining up raffle prizes.  Forms for ad sales will be available soon.

Newport Naval Base Visit:

Commandant Hastings is finalizing plans for a visit to the Newport Naval Base.  This will be a day long event.  Details are still falling into place.  The cost of a shared van will be depend on how many riders there are.  Proposed date is 19 April.  More information will be forthcoming.

Iwo Jima Day:

Numerous members will attend Iwo Jima Day at the State House on 23 February.  This is an annual event, established by proclamation to memorialize the valor and sacrifice of the US forces who fought this famous battle in WWII.  The detachment has funded a meal following the ceremonies.  Chaplain Whalen is bringing an Iwo Jima veteran to the event.

Massachusetts State MCL Convention:

The convention is scheduled at the Doubletree Hotel in Hyannis for 8-10 June.  Members are encouraged to attend .  This is a chance to be heard at business meetings and to participate in social events.

Good of the League:

Judge Advocate McEntegart reflected on a recent breakfast for veterans that was offered in Hopkinton.  He praised the town for this effort.  Discussion among members revealed that Holliston and Hudson have similar events.

Discussion is ongoing about renewing the detachment program of visitation to veterans in nursing homes and attended care facilities.  Volunteers are needed to make arrangements at local facilities.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15 PM.  The next meeting will be on 21 March at 7:30 Pm at the Natick Amvets.

Friday, January 6, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

Happy New Year

As we begin the new year, we can reflect on all that we have accomplished since being chartered in 2000.  As a relatively new detachment, we have strong membership and a solid record of accomplishment.   We have a record of success in support for Toys for Tots with many pods of toys being delivered to needy children.  We have provided a dignified and consistent presence at the funerals of area Marines.  With the funding raised through gold tournaments and donations, we have been able to support local veterans in need.  A number of local students have attended college on scholarships funded by our detachment.  Truly, we continue to serve in many ways.
With the New Year, perhaps a resolution to be more active in the detachment would be a possibility.  It is sometimes hard to get people for events.  Meeting attendance could be stronger.   We can always use more hands.  Whatever you can do as an individual will help. Give it some thought and feel free to contact any of the leadership team with questions or concerns.

Please note that the Metrowest Detachment will host the state MCL meeting on the third Sunday of January.  We can use help in setting up and getting food ready.   The meeting is also interesting and a good chance to meet other MCL members.

December Meeting Minutes:

Metrowest Detachment  #1037
Meeting Minutes
20 December 2016

The meeting was convened in the proper format at 1830 as scheduled with 13 members in attendance.
Roll call of officers was conducted.  The Chaplain was excused.  The Adjutant was absent, but did arrive later.  All other officers were present.
Motion was made and passed to accept the minutes of the prior meeting as published.
A donation of $100 from Thomas Foley was reported in the correspondence received.
The Paymaster reported on the current financial situation.  Motion was made and passed to accept the Paymaster’s report.
Under new business, there has been some initial planning to assist the Chris Long Foundation.  More information will be forthcoming.
The detachment will host the Mass. MCL State Meeting on the third Sunday of January.  Members are encouraged to attend and assist.
The Toys for Tots Committee reported that the drive has been successfully completed with 3 Pods having been picked up. An after action review will be set up at a future date.  Motion was made to thank Marine Douglas and Chip Fagan for their efforts in the drive.
The meeting was adjourned in the proper format in order to participate in a Christmas meal.

Submitted by Dave Gentes, Sr Vice Commandant.. 

Next meeting is scheduled for January 24th.  Please plan to attend and make yourself heard.


Tuesday, November 15, 2016

From the Commandant:

Detachment Marines and members of the Blackstone Valley Young Marines participated in the Town of Natick Christmas Kickoff.  The cold temperatures did not deter the Marines or the many people who came to see Santa and to donate toys and cash.  The Toys For Tots Drive is in full swing now with Pods in place.  Members should be touching base with collection points to insure timely pickups.

NOTICE:  The meeting on December 20 will stat one hour earlier, at 6:30 PM.  This will be a more convenient time as dinner will be included.  The business portion of the meeting will be abbreviated to give the attendees an opportunity to dine and socialize.  All are encouraged to come and share the fellowship of your brothers and sisters from the Corps and the Navy at this holiday time.

Marines and Sailors,  
Well our holidays are over, along with the election, now it's time to get ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. No more Kelly Ayotte or Maggie Hassan ads on every station all day long, now it's HO HO HO Merry Christmas.  Hopefully we will all enjoy a merry holiday season and the detachment will be working hard on the Toys for Tots Drive to help others during this season.  It is time to be in touch with collection points of contact.  We look forward to Thanksgiving and reflecting on all that has been made available to us.  Many of us will remember holidays in far away places and are thankful for the opportunity to be with family and at home.  We keep in mind those who are now deployed or stationed far away and wish them safety and comfort.

Marine Corps Birthday:
The detachment celebrated the 241st Marine Corps Birthday on 10 November at the Framingham Elks.  Richard Douglas again procured an excellent cake that was on display up to the point where it was cut.  Commandant Jim Hastings presided over the event which stared with dinner at 1800.  Following the meal, Commandant Hastings presided over the swearing in of two new members.  The detachment is pleased to welcome Marine Glenn Chambless from Framingham.  Glenn is a Viet Nam veteran and talked with others about his time in the rubber plantation area while in-country.  Also from Framingham, Marine Ryan Gaudet is currently a PFC 0331, machine gunner with 1/25 at Fort Devens.  We welcome Glenn and Ryan and look forward to hearing more about their background and experiences.
Following the swearing in, Commandant Hastings read the proclamation from General Lejeune that is read at each birthday celebration.  That was followed by the birthday message from the current Commandant, General Nellis.  The cake cutting ceremony followed.  Mac MacEntegart again provided the sword cake cutting.  Following tradition, Paymaster Bill Costello, the oldest attending Marine at 89 received the first piece of cake and served the served Ryan Gaudet, at 19, the youngest Marine in attendance.  This tradition symbolized the natural passing for the old corps to the new corps.  Following the cake cutting, videos of the Commandant and the Founder of Go Daddy.com ( former Marine and avid fundraiser for Marine causes) were presented.   A successful and enjoyable evening was had.

 Veterans Day Obervances:
On 7 November  Mac MacEntegart, Warren Griffin, Ed Silveria, Dave Gentes, Al Schiff and Commandant Hastings visited the Walsh Middle School in Framingham for their Veterans Day program. This Event was started by Mac's wife Judy and now has been taken over by their daughter Jodi. It is a nice event with some interesting questions from the students. I would encourage members to attend next year.  Veterans in attendance found this to be a very rewarding experience. Hopefully that feeling is shared by the students.

Later in the week Warren Griffin, John Crisafulli, Glenn Chambless, Jim Arena and Commandant Hastings attended a Veterans Day Ceremony at the Kennedy school in Natick. This was another good opportunity to speak to the students about our service and to help the students get some perspective on what veterans have done.

Finally to end the week Mac MacEntegart, John Crisafulli and Commandant Hastings visited the Cornerstone Nursing Home in Milford for their Veterans Day Ceremony.  This is a continuation of nursing home and assisted living facility vistation that has been going on for about a year.   The opportunity to engage veterans who are unable to attend ceremonies or public events is always memorable and enjoyable for the visitors and the visited.   It was a busy week but very rewarding to say the least.

Toys for Tots:
 Pods are in place and supplies are becoming available.   The town of Natick Kickoff  Event will be on Sunday 27 November at 2:30 at the town common.  This event is a major source of contributions and members are encouraged to attend to assist.

Local events: 
Warren Griffin has been active in establishing a monument to honor area KIA.  This will be dedicated on Sunday 27 November at noon

in Framingham at the Headquarters of the Metrowest Regional Transit Authority, 15 Blandin Ave. Framingham.

VA Bingo: 
On the first Wednesday of the month, the detachment operates a Bingo game at the VA in Jamaica Plain.  This goes from 7:00 t0 a little after 8:00 .  These events are greatly appreciated by the patients.  Members are encouraged to attend.