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The Cavanaugh family Eagle Scouts receive MCL Certificates with Al Schiff and Dave Berry

Saturday, December 23, 2017

From the Commandant:

The December meeting was held as scheduled with 18 members in attendance.  After an abbreviated opening and a brief report on the status of the Toys for Tots campaign, the normal order of business was suspended to recognize three brothers who have recently been awarded the rank of Eagle Scout.  Dave Berry and Al Schiff coordinated the presentation with the boys parents in attendance.  Following the presentation,  meeting attendees adjourned to enjoy a meal and camaraderie in preparation for the upcoming Christmas holiday.
We have again been successful in assisting the Toys for Tots Campaign in their mission to provide Christmas presents for children in need.  We appreciate the efforts of the detachment members who have contributed to this effort.  We also commend Chip Fagan and Richard Douglas for coordinating the activity and keeping all apprised of the logistics and progress.  Once again, the Marines have landed and the situation is well in hand.
On behalf of the detachment leadership, I wish all a happy and safe holiday and a prosperous and healthy new year.

Semper Fi
Jim Hastings

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

November 2107

From the Leadership Team:

We are back fully into the swing of things with a full plate of activities and plans.  The Marine Cors Birthday observation was held on 10 November at the Framingham Elks.  With advanced planning from Junior Vice Commandant Jerry Blanchette,  the attending members and guests were called to order to observe the traditional sequence of events.  Following the playing of the National Anthem and the Marine Corps Hymn,  a moment of silence to reflect on those who gave all in their service was held.  The proclamations of General LeJeune and General Nelles were read just prior to the cutting of the cake, which was provided by Mac MacEntegart.   Paymaster Bill Costello, the oldest Marine present, cut the first piece of cake and served it to the youngest, a recent enlistee who will report to Parris Island in August. This sequence symbolizes the passing on of the experience and knowledge of  the old Corps to the new Corps.  The second piece was cut by the youngest Marine and served to Bill Costello to symbolize the respect of his predecessors and acknowledgement of their service.  Following these traditional actions, those in attendance continued with the meal and camaraderie.

Detachment Commandant Hastings was in Washington, DC to participate in the observations for Veteran's Day and the Marine Corps Birthday.  A Viet Nam veteran who was severely wounded himself, Jim was invited to participate in the reading of the 58, 318 names of those service members who lost their lives in the Viet Nam war.  The reading of these names to 65 hours.  As a poignant reminder of his own service and the sacrifices that many made during that war, one of the names on the list read by Jim was that of Wayne John Spare.  This Marine was killed in same action during which Jim was wounded and died of top of Jim while they were being medevaced.  That death occurred just 11 days before Wayne John Spare was due to rotate home.  It behooves us as a nation to never forget those who suffer injury and death while serving and to support them regardless of the prevailing views of the conflict in which they are called.

 November Meeting Notes:

Commandant Hastings convened the meeting in the proper format at 1930 on 21 November with 11 members in attendance.  The Chaplain and the Junior Vice Commandant were excused.   Motion was made and seconded to accept the Paymaster's report as published.  There were not further reports from officers.

Correspondence was received from Rick Seguin of the New Bedford Detachment to outline details of the  Mass MCL Department Convention, scheduled for 30 May to 3 Jun.   A full slate of activities and tours is planned.  Members are encouraged to plan on attending.

There was discussion of the Metrowest Detachment  hosting the 2019 convention.  Jim Hastings, Warren Griffin, and Dave Gentes agreed to participate in a committee to prepare a proposal to present at the sate meeting on 30 January.
Toys for Tots is fully geared up.  Pods are in place and supplies are available as needed.  The Natick tree lighting ceremony will be on Sunday, 26 November.  Detachment members will be there to facilitate toy collection and donation receipt.  Pods will be emptied as the near the halfway full point and there is still discussion of the format for locking them.  The Marlboro Fire Department will be active in managing collections for that area.

The December meeting was discussed.  A presentation will be made to area Eagle Scouts and they have been invited to attend with their families.  A group of younger Marines will be invited to discuss ways to get them involved with the detachment, even informally.  Menu for the collation at that meeting was discussed.

With all business and discussion being completed, the meeting was adjourned at 1930.  The detachment wishes all members and supported a Happy Thanksgiving.


Sunday, October 22, 2017

October Meeting Notes:

The detachment met as scheduled on 17 October with 14 members in attendance.   The meeting was brought to order in the proper fashion at 1930 by Commandant James Hastings.  The Chaplain and Sergeant at Arms were excused, all other officers were present.  Minutes of the September meeting were accepted as published.  There was no correspondence to present.
Paymaster William Costello outlined the current financial situation.  The detachment assets are in good shape.  The paymaster presented the details of expenditures and receivables.  Motion was made to accept the report of the paymaster. This was seconded and approved.

Committee Reports:
The Golf Committee reported that final accounting is in process.  Net profit for the tournament is in excess of $14000.  Committee Chair Hastings has requested that members consider getting more involved in leading the tournament activities as it is a large and complex task.  

Toys for Tots Chair Richard Douglas reported that planning is well under way for the upcoming campaign.  Boxes and posters will be available soon.  This is the time to coordinate with contacts at drop off points. Art Enos will be leading the campaign and brings many years of experience.  The annual kick-off event in Natick will be announced.  The campaign will end on 14 December so that toys can be delivered.

Marine Corps Rose Program lead Warren Griffin announced that roses are available for any members who are available to participate.  This occurs around Veterans Day and is very profitable for the detachment.

The Marine Corps Birthday will be observed on 10 November at 1800 at the Framingham Elks.  Food will be provided.  Members are encouraged to attend.

The meeting was adjourned at 2015.  Member are encouraged to plan to attend the November meeting on the third Tuesday at 1930.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

2017 Golf Tournament Success

The 16th annual Metrowest Detachment Golf Tournament was played on Monday 21 August on a beautiful summer day,   In a day of rarities, the was a partial eclipse of the sun and a hole in one scored during the tournament  Thirty four teams played the course and joined together for dinner and refreshments at the Framingham Elks.  While the day was not without some glitches, a good time was had and a successful fundraising effort was completed.
We are grateful to the numerous sponsors, advertisers, donors, and other supporters who contribute to the success of this event.   The funds that have been raised will be used for support of veterans on the local and national level, for scholarships that are awarded to area students, and for the outreach that we are called upon to conduct during the year.  Through the generosity of our supporters, we are able to contribute to events and services that commemorate the service and traditions of our military.  As we are called upon to help on a local scale, you be can be assured that you have contributed to a worthy cause.

We acknowledge the continued support of the players, many of whom have played this tournament from the start.  Although we sometimes have administrative hiccups, the teams bear with us and turn this into a day of fun, camaraderie, and giving.  The purchases of raffle tickets, mulligans, and other donations all contribute to the total.  We look forward to seeing the players next year.

Our volunteers committed to give up a sunny day to attend to the many details that make this event happen.  Whether registering players, selling tickets, staffing one of the prize holes, or helping out in the background, we know that we owe a big part of this success to you.  Thank your for your effort and time.

For the Golf Committee, this tournament really started a year ago.  Through their willingness to solicit ads and prizes, to attend meetings, to move supplies and attend to many large and small tasks, the day went well.   The committee includes Mac MacEntegart, Mike Whalen, Jack Burke, Jerry Blanchette, Jonh Crisafulli, and Bill Costello, with the capable leadership and guidance of Commandant Jim Hastings.  We will always have room for more on the committee so please step up for next year.

Meetings Resume in Septemober:

The normal schedule of meetings will resume on 19 September at 7:30 PM at the Natick AMVETS.  Please plan to attend and work to recruit new members and associates.  Additional meetings this year will be  16 October,21 November, and 18 December.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

We have wrapped up meetings for the tine being and hopefully al will have a relaxing and refreshing summer.  Although we are not meeting, there is still a lot of activity.  First and foremost is continued effort for the golf tournament.  This is where we raise most of the funds for the outreach that the detachment carries on.  In boot camp, we all learned that the way to succeed is by working together.  That lesson still holds true.  The more help and participation we can bring to the gold tournament, the higher the likelihood of success will be.  Taking the time to ask a merchant or provider to donate a prize or take out an ad, contributing raffle prizes or taking out  an ad yourself, or being available o the day of the tournament are all ways to help.  We hope that all will give whatever effort they can.  A little is better than nothing.  You will know that you contributed to a student getting a scholarship,  veteran getting needed help, or someone else benefited from your participation.  Think about it and take action.

Sunday, May 28, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

At the May meeting the detachment officers were installed by State Commandant Fran Curnow.  With five past commandants on the leadership team, there is a lot of experience and commitment to move the detachment forward.  We look for all members to be as active as possible and to participate in detachment activities.  The support of all will help us to succeed.

In a ceremony at the meeting, John Crisafulli was recognized as the detachment Marine of the Year.  Over the years, John has shown himself to  be committed to the detachment and the Corps.  He is a man who can be counted upon to help when needed. be it the golf tournament, Toys for Tots, or other activities.  We congratulate John on being selected and thank him for all he does.

We will convene again in June and encourage all members to attend to make themselves heard.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

From the Leadership Team:

Per the detachment by-laws, a slate of officers was put forth to lead the detachment for the coming year.  We have essentially the same team in place with the addition of the nomination of Jerry Blanchette for Junior Vice Commandant.  The energy of the membership is what will move us forward as a detachment.  We aspire to increase membership and activities.  This is fully dependent on membership pulling together, raising ideas, and helping when ideas are chosen.  If you do not usually attend meetings, maybe you can commit to attending at least one in the future.  If you cannot work at the golf tournament or Toys for Tots, maybe you can donate.  The Marine Corps Birthday will mean more to you if you participate in the detachment celebration- there is a lot of time to plan for it.  Bottom line, we have committed to providing a consistent and visible range of meetings activities.  The measure of success is how much we can count on you to to participate and spread the word to new members.  If we all did a little more, the net effect will be great.

Semper Fi

April Meeting Notes:

The detachment meeting was held as scheduled on 18 April at the Natick AMVETS.  Commandant Hastings brought the meeting to order at 7:30 PM.  All officers were present and 11 members in total attended.  A motion was made and accepted to accept as published the minute of the past meeting.

Report of the Paymaster:  

Paymaster Costello reported that the detachment continues to be financially sound.  All accounts are in balance and funds exist to support proposed activities.  Certificates of Deposit have been renewed.  Motion was made and seconded to accept the report of the Paymaster.  This was so voted.

 Nominations of Officers:

Commandant Hastings suspended the normal order of business  to accommodate nomination of officers.  The following nominations were completed:  Commandant; Jim Hastings:  Sr Vice Commandant; Dave Gentes:  Jr. Vice Commandant;  Jerry Blanchette;  Judge Advocate; John McEntegart:  Adjutant: Warren Griffin:  Chaplain; Mike Whalen:  Paymaster;  Bill Costello ( pro tem); Sgt at Arms; David Barth

This slate of officers will be installed in May.

Members Sick or in Distress:

Chaplain Mike Whalen reported that Paul Carew is recuperating from recent surgery.  A card was distributed for signature and mailing.

Committee Reports:

Golf Committee Chair Hastings reinforced that all should begin soliciting ads and arranging raffle prizes.  The committee reviewed and selected a jacket to be given to players.  Plans are in place and the committee continues to meet regularly to work on details.  All member are encourage to be available to work on the day of play.

Rose Committee Lead Warren Griffin noted that roses are available to member who plan to participate in this fundraiser.  The period around Memorial Day is the normal time for this activity.

Detachment Activity:

Commandant Hastings has arranged for a tour of the Newport Naval Station with a focus on Marine Corps activities on based.  Transportation will depart Bellingham at 7AM on 26 April.  Members will share the cost of a rental vehicle and gas.