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Socks for Donation to the VA will be collected at the January 18 meeting. Please help with this effort.

Monday, January 10, 2022


 Marine Corps League Metrowest Detachment #1037

The Detachment meets every third Tuesday of the month at 1900 Hours (7:00 PM)
Meeting location is the Natick Amvets Post 79, 1 Superior Drive Natick MA 01760

Administrative Notes: Annual dues of $30.00 for regular members are due by August 31.  As late payment creates paperwork for the Paymaster, members are encouraged to make payment on time.  Life membership is a convenient and cost - effective way to handle dues.  Information on life membership can be obtained via the Paymaster.

From the Commandant:

January 2022

January 1, 1968, 54 years ago, was the year of the Monkey for some of us.  We celebrated by keeping our heads down for the next year. We lost friends we had just made in the Marine Corps in Viet Nam. I will never forget New Year's Day 1968. Some of my fellow young Marines never got the chance to fall in love, get married, become parents, go to college, find a career, or watch their kids grow up. Never forget these Marines. They are in my memory and dreams every day.

At the January 18 and February 15 meetings, the detachment will be collecting socks for needy and homeless Vets. Bring new socks to the meeting in January and February.  Socks are one of the most highly requested items for these veterans and your donations will go a long way to give them some comfort.

Warren has sent out another letter to delinquent regular members.  Please be prepared to pay your dues of $30.00 on time, prior to August 31.  Life membership is a good way to meet this need once and for all. 

After the meeting on January 18, we will try our skills at target shooting with pellet pistols in the AMVETS hall.  We will see if we still remember what we learned in the Corps!  This will be an enjoyable and memorable experience, and all are encouraged to attend and participate. 

With the ongoing COVID pandemic and recent increases due to the Omicron variant, we will encourage social distancing and wearing of a mask during meetings.  This disease continues to persist so please get vaccinated and boosted if you haven’t already.  The VA and other locations offer vaccines.

To help with planning, please make note of the meeting dates for 2022:  18 January: 15 February: 15 March:  19 April:  17 May: 21 June: (no meetings in July and August):  20 September: 18 October:
15 November:  20 December.  

Meetings are held at 1900 Hrs at the Natick AMVETS, 1 Superior Drive, Natick, MA 01760

Semper Fi,


Metrowest Detachment #1037

Detachment mailing address:
Marine Corps League Metrowest Detachment #1037
Post Office Box M, Natick, MA 01760

Saturday, December 25, 2021

 Administrative Notes:

Annual dues of $30.00 for regular members are due by August 31.   Late payment creates a lot of work for the Paymaster so members are encouraged to make their payment on time.  Life membership is a convenient and cost - effective way to handle dues.  Information on life membership can be found via the Paymaster.

At the January meeting, please bring new socks for donation to the VA Hospital.  These are a highly requested item.

December Meeting Notes:

Commandant McEntegart  called the meeting to order at 7:00 PM.  As attendance was below the required quorum, the meeting was conducted on an informal basis.

 Roll call of officers was conducted.  The Sergeant at Arms was absent and the Junior Vice Commandant was excused.  The Paymaster report was read and accepted.  

Chaplain Whelan reported that Marine Chambliss is continuing to deal with a return of cancer.  More information will follow.

Donation to the Natick Veterans' Council was discussed and donation was approved.

Marine Richard Douglas reported on the recently completed Toys for Tots Program.  Although the start was a little slow, the finish was successful and pods were filled and delivered.  The last pods will be picked up soon.

Commandant McEntegart has arranged for pellet gun target shooting to be conducted after the January meeting.  Interested participants can compete in a pool to determine the best marksman.  This will be a regular event based on interest. 

Socks are one of the most requested items for patients who are confined at VA Facilities.  Beginning at the January 18 meeting, the detachment will collect socks for donation.  Ocean State Job Lot is recommended as a place to purchase as they have bundles of quality athletic socks at a good price.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:30 PM and attendees enjoyed seasonal snacks prior to departing for the holiday.  The Metrowest Detachment wishes all a safe and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

The next meeting will be on Tuesday January 18, 2022 at 7:00 PM at the Natick AMVETS.  Regular attendance at meetings and payment of dues are good resolutions to consider for the new year.

Friday, December 17, 2021

 A Message From the Commandant:

Marines and Detachment Supporters,

    By the time you receive this, the pods for Toys for Tots will have been delivered to the Marines to be prepared for distribution.   Since the founding of this detachment, we have risen to the occasion to collect toys and donations for this campaign.   We extend a huge thank you to all who helped this worthy cause, especially Rick Douglas and Chip Fagan who were the Toys for Tots coordinators.  Rick and Chip have again pulled off a successful campaign.

    The detachment again participated in collecting for Toys for Tots at the Natick events on the Town Common.  This event was very different this year because of Covid.  There were no toys and kids got balloons and they were not able to sit with Santa. Nonetheless, Santa did show up to say hi.  The Young Marines under the leadership of Amy Fagan were a great help, always polite and courteous to all the people that attended the event.  These young people are a credit to their program and its leadership.

At this time of year we must all reflect on the past two years of dealing with Covid and its variants.  It has taken a toll on all of our respective committees and our own families.  Some of us have had family members and friends hospitalized and die from this awful virus.  As we celebrate Christmas and the New Year, remember those who are no longer with us and be thankful for those who are with us.  

  Let us pray for a healthy and prosperous New Year.

The Metrowest Detachment will meet on Tuesday, 21 December at 7:00 PM at the Natick AMVETS. Please bring some Christmas cookies to share.  We look forward to seeing you there.


Thank you,

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


Thursday, November 18, 2021

 From the Commandant:

    Since I started attending the Framingham Veteran's Day events in 1974 with the Framingham Minute and Militia, November 11, 2021 was one of the most memorable for me.  Over 500 people attended the re-dedication of the Veterans Park on Concord St at the Muster field.  There are new walkways, lighting, new benches, new flag pole and bricks for veterans. If you are a veteran from Framingham and would like to purchase a brick, please contact me or Jim Hastings and we will get you the form.  Cost is $150.00 for each brick.

    The detachment observed the 246th Marine Corps Birthday on November 10th at the Framingham Elks Lodge.  A good time was had by all.  The proclamation from General LeJeune was read by Jerry Blanchette and Mac McEntegart read the proclamation from the Commandant.  The oldest Marine present,  Al Schiff, fed cake to the youngest Marine present,  Jerry Blanchette.  Al is a veteran of Korea who served at the Chosin Reservoir. Thank you, Jerry Blanchette for arranging the hall at the Elks for the party.

The boxes for Toys for Tots should be out. The last day for collections is Dec 13th. Any Toys for Tots questions can be directed to  Rick Douglas at 1-508-528-4528 or Chip Fagan at 1-508-951-5125.

I wish everyone a safe and joyous Thanksgiving with your families.

Semper Fi,

Mac McEntegart


Metrowest Detachment #1037

November Meeting Notes:

The meeting was called to order at 1900 by Commandant John McEntegart.  The roll call of officers was conducted with all present except Senior Vice Gentes and Paymaster Blanchette.

The Paymaster’s Report was read by Commandant McEntegart in lieu of the Paymaster. A motion was made and seconded to accept the Paymaster's report as published.  This motion passed by vote.

There was no correspondence  at this time.

 No members or families were reported sick & distressed at this time.

Warren Griffin presented a Rose Program collection donation of $622.23. It was noted that we were informed by the staff at Roche Brothers that this would be the last time we could do our Rose Drive due to a corporate decision to only have one charitable entity be the beneficiary of Roche Brothers. That entity would be the Boston Food Bank. We will attempt to have this decision reviewed further.

New business – motions made to donate to  the following entities were made seconded and passed:
Dues to Natick Veterans Council = $125.00
Blackstone Valley Young Marines - $1000.00
$600.00 to the Natick Veterans Council to provide food for Veterans families at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The Toys for Tots program is operating now, with pods in place.  Natick will host their Christmas kickoff on the Sunday after Thanksgiving.  The detachment will attend with the Young Marines to collect for Toys for Tots.

The request is made for members to bring desserts for the December meeting on 21 December.  Members are encouraged to attend.

At 1740, the meeting closed in the proper manner.

Wednesday, October 20, 2021

From the Commandant:

          The Detachment will be celebrating our Marine Corps birthday 246 years on Nov. 10th at 1700 hours at the  Framingham Elks, Union Ave. in Framingham.  We will read the Commandant’s message and Order 47, cut the cake with the oldest and youngest Marine present.  This is a tradition that will be observed by Marines of all ages, all over the world.  Bring your wife or significant other or another Marine to our birthday celebration.  This event is an excellent opportunity to introduce potential new members to the detachment.

          Remember that  November 11th is Veterans Day and a time to pay our respects to all veterans from all wars and eras in our respective communities.  Please take time to get involved in your city or town Veterans Day ceremonies.

          Members of this Detachment will be doing the ROSE program for Veterans Day.  This is another way the Detachment raises money for our many charities.  To get involved with the Rose program, call Warren Griffin Rose committee chairman.  All that is needed is to arrange to be visible in an area with good foot traffic, like a grocery of hardware store, and offer a miniature rose to passersby.  The Marines who participate in this activity typically find that is is an enjoyable way to meet people and raise awareness of the Marine Corps League.  There is still to arrange a spot prior to Veterans Day and the funds that you raise will be put to good use.  

          Toys for Tots will be starting in November.  If you have questions about this program, the detachment contacts are Rick Douglas (1-508-528-4528) or Chip Fagan (1-508-951-5125).  Rick and Chip have been attending planning meetings and the program is well underway.  Boxes and posters are available now through Rick and Chip.  Donations can be received any time between now and December 10.  Location of Pods for storage will be announced shortly.  Final pickup of Pods is scheduled for December 13.  With the anticipated shortage of toys due to shipping and supply chain issues, potential donors can be reminded that  gift cards and checks made out to Toys For Tots are also greatly appreciated. 

 Due to the lack of minimum required attendance, the last two meetings have been limited to informal discussion.  The success of the Metrowest Detachment relies on participation from as many member as possible.  Note that meetings are on the third Tuesday of the month at the Natick Amvets at 7:00 PM (Next meeting 17 November). Your attendance does make a difference.  

Remember:   recruit new members, pay your dues, and mask up.  I hope to see you all at the Marine Corps Birthday celebrataion


Semper Fi,


Thursday, September 9, 2021

 A Message From the Commandant:

 I hope everyone had a great summer with family, friends, and loved ones.  After more than 15 months of COVID, we are all feeling the need to be with people more and spending less time on Zoom.  But again, this plague still haunts us and we need to continue being aware of best practices to avoid infection.  This year at the detachment meetings, we will be practicing wearing masks and social distancing for the safety of all attending.  Please be prepared to observe these precautions for your safety and the safety of those around you.

Jim Hastings again did a wonderful job organizing and running a successful golf tournament.  Jim will give a full report at the Sept. meeting.  This event is a huge undertaking and Jim has carried the leadership tradition passed on by Tom Potenza and Ed Jolley.   I would like to thank the people who worked the Golf Tournament that day.  These people are not all members but need to be recognized.  Many thanks to Jim Hastings, Dave Gentes and his two sisters Karen Iris  and Bernadette Menz,  John and Vonnie Clark, Steve Stefan, Glen Chambless, Mike Whelan and his daughter Sarah, John Burke, and Jerry Blanchette.  Tom Foley came through again with donations of golf equipment.  We have listed the major sponsors on this web site and encourage everyone to support these businesses as you shop for goods and services.   There is more detail on the tournament in earlier Scuttlebutt posts.

This is a reminder:  Dues are due on 1 September.  Please send in your dues of 30 dollars with checks payable to  Metrowest De.t #1037  MCL.  Payment can be sent  to Jerry Blanchette, paymaster, 149 Summer St, Framingham, MA 01701.  Next year we will send a postcard from the Junior Vice to remind members to pay dues by Sept. 1.  Your effort to get current with dues is appreciated and helpful to the detachment 


We all want to congratulate detachment member Warren Griffin on becoming the new National Marine Corps League Senior Vice Commandant.  Well done, Warren.  We wish you luck in your new role.

We will meet on September 21 at 7:00 PM at the Natick AMVETS at 1 Superior Drive in Natick.  Current and former Marines, FMF Corpsmen, and Chaplains are welcome to join as voting members.  We welcome all others as non-voting members.  Details on membership and an application can be at this link.


Semper Fi, 


Thursday, August 19, 2021

Please Note:  For Members, Associate Members, and Dual Members, due date for payment of dues is 31 August.  Please send checks to Jerry Blanchette, 149 Summer St., Framingham, MA 01701.  Please make checks payable to Detachment 1037 MCL Metrowest.

The Metrowest MCL Golf Tournament Returns From COVID

    In 2020, the decision was made to cancel the Metrowest MCL Golf Tournament.  The uncertainty that existed when the planning needed to be done was very high.  In addition, many of our sponsors were struggling with lost business that would make it difficult to provide the financial support that helps us to run a successful tournament.  Although it was a tough decision to cancel, it was the right decision for the time.
    In 2021, conditions have improved enough that it was felt that the tournament could be run safely.  Golf Committee Chair Jim Hastings took on the daunting task of re-starting this long standing tradition.  Jim has carried on the leadership that was displayed by Tom Potenza and Ed Jolley in taking the reins for this tournament, even though it is a huge task.  With support from a small committee, stalwart sponsors, and dedicated golfers, the tournament was played on 16 August, in beautiful New England summer weather. 
    At 9:00 AM (0900), 36 foursomes started their rounds in a shotgun style tournament.  Many players have been in every tournament from the start, 20 years ago. This year, there were a number of new teams whom we look forward to seeing in future events.  While not all of the golf was pretty, the day was sunny and warm and could not have been much better.
    When the players completed their rounds, everyone reassembled at the Framingham Elks, who have been very supportive of the detachment.  Outback Steak House from Bellingham catered the dinner, again offering a favorable rate as they have for a number of years.  During dinner, Chairperson Hastings led the raffles of many prizes that had been donated by members, local merchants, and detachment supporters.  From hair care products to a rotisserie grill, the diversity of prizes was noteworthy.
    Following the raffles, Jim seamlessly transitioned to the role of auctioneer.  Attendees bid on and purchased a four ticket package to the opening day Patriots game, donated by Dan Bortolussi of Chambers Auto Group, and a hand-made golf themed quilt created and donated by Karen Iris.  Member Tom Foley again stepped up in arranging the donation of four well equipped golf bags that were successfully auctioned off.
    The support of area merchants, detachment members and supporters, our golfers, and our indomitable Committee Chair combined to enable a successful tournament that provided a fun day for participants and foundational funding for detachment charitable outreach.  As Jim Hastings announced, the detachment has provided over $100,000 in scholarships through the years and that is only one of the continuing charitable activities.
    We extend our sincere thanks to everyone who contributed to making this a successful day.  As Chairperson Hastings can attest, it is a lot of work, but the value that it adds to the community is worth it.   Detachment members and supporters who submitted advertising include Commandant Mac McEntegart, Al Schiff, Chaplain Mike Whelan, Paul Carew, Steve Stefan and Ed Horton- Massachusetts State Police Retired. 

We are grateful to the numerous merchants and businesses who supported the tournament with advertising.  Please support these advertisers as you shop for services and products:
Brendon Properties, Southboro: 
Attorney Robert Costello, Natick: 
Ironclad Services,  Springfield: 
Riverside Garden Center, Framingham: 
Burke Financial Service, Natick: 
Khouri Industries, Bellingham: 
T & J Heating and Air Conditioning, Bellingham:         
Brian's Country Greenery Florist, Bellingham: 
Future Bearings Incorporated, Bellingham:
TJ's Food and Spirits, Ashland: 
Tosti's Service Center, Framingham
Circles CG Farm Campground, Bellingham
D & D Mulch and Landscape, Bellingham
Black Cow Ice Cream, Millis
Ken's Foods Inc., Marlborough
Pandolfi's Fine Chocolate, Bellingham
Holliston Superette, Holliston
Advanced Gems and Jewelry, Framingham
Saxony Barbershop,  Framingham
D & M /Carquest Auto Parts, Milford
Northern Management - Dunkin Donuts, Holliston
Metrowest Regional Transit Authority, Framingham
Bernardi Auto Group, Framingham